Many people change their outerwear every day, but pajamas do not get the same treatment. Because many people think that pajamas are only worn for a few hours a day and look clean, so there is no need to wash them frequently. In fact, the cleanliness of pajamas is an illusion. Wearing pajamas for a long time without washing will cause illness. You may not have encountered it, but you need to know these possibilities~ You may not have encountered it, but you need to know these possibilities~

  1. Cause skin diseases

First of all, the cuticle of the human body is renewed and shed every day, which is prone to dust and dander. The longer the pajamas are worn, the more dead cells and microorganisms accumulate on them, and the greater the possibility of causing illness.

Secondly, we spend most of our time in bed in pajamas, and the bed is full of various mites, bacteria, dandruff, dust, etc., and they may also come into direct contact with the body through pajamas. The above two factors may cause skin diseases. Such as allergic dermatitis, infectious folliculitis, papular urticaria, etc. Each can cause you to itch and suffer physically and mentally.

  1. Cause urinary system diseases

If the bacteria on the pajamas invade the urethra, it may cause infection in related parts, such as urethritis, and the deterioration of the condition can lead to cystitis. This is unequal between men and women, and women are at greater risk of being infected than men.


After knowing the risks, you have to master the cleaning and maintenance of pajamas.

  1. Regular cleaning

Generally speaking, there is less sweat and less oil secretion in winter, and the skin is in a relatively clean environment, so pajamas can be washed once a week. In summer, there is a lot of sweat and various microbial activities are also frequent. It is recommended to wash once every 1-2 days. This does not have to be generalized. If you sweat a lot, wash it once a day. It is best to prepare more than 2 sets of pajamas in summer.

  1. Do not use hot water

Generally speaking, no matter what kind of material pajamas are made of, it is not suitable to wash them in hot water, otherwise it will damage the material and make it lose its breathability and sweat absorption. It is recommended that the pajamas should be washed by hand in warm water and washed with a neutral detergent for underwear.

Be careful not to pour the detergent directly on the pajamas, pour an appropriate amount, let it completely dissolve in water, and then put it into the pajamas and rub it gently. After washing, put it in a cool place to dry, avoid exposure to the sun.

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