• Can pajamas be chosen in size?
  • Yes, our pajamas are available in multiple sizes, you can choose the right size according to the style.


  • Can the material of pajamas cause skin allergies?
  • No, our pajamas are made of the most comfortable and soft materials to ensure that you don’t feel skin-friendly when you wear them.


  • Will it be deformed after washing?
  • No, our pajamas can be cleaned by referring to the cleaning method.


  • How to tell if pajamas fit?
  • You can choose according to the size chart, or consult with our customer service staff.


  • How to choose the right pajamas?
  • You can choose the style according to your own preferences, or you can ask our customer service staff which style is the most popular.


  • Are pajamas only for sleeping?
  • No, you can wear it at home on the weekends, and you can wear it outdoors, not just for sleeping.


  • How to properly clean and maintain pajamas?
  • You can refer to our washing and maintenance to properly wash and care your pajamas.


  • Can anyone wear pajamas?

Our pajamas are available for women and come in styles and sizes from teens to seniors.

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