Sleep-Promoting Pajama Set


1. Our pajamas are made of forged silk, which has a very high gloss, which can make the clothing look more gorgeous.
2. This pajamas are very soft and very comfortable to wear.
3. This product has good air permeability, which can make people feel cool in hot weather.
4. Our pajamas are also very hygroscopic, which can absorb sweat from the body and keep the body dry.
5. The pajamas are equipped with detachable chest pads, which are soft and comfortable, very skin-friendly, will not cause skin irritation, and will keep your figure in good shape.

6. This pajamas has good moisture absorption performance, which can drive away sweat and keep a comfortable feeling. This is especially beneficial for those who sweat easily.
7. Our pajamas have strong heat dissipation, which is beneficial to regulate the temperature of the human body and keep you cool all the time.
8. You can get a pajama set*1 (pajamas, pajama bottoms).
9. This pajamas are suitable for women aged 18 and above. It can show your beauty, highlight your temperament, and show your femininity more.
10. The most notable feature of our pajamas is that it fits the skin comfortably. It not only keeps the skin clean, but also has a massage effect on the skin.
12. The size of the pajamas is M |L |XL, you can choose according to your actual height and weight, please refer to the size chart for details.


M, L, XL


Red, Pink, White

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